Preschool Alphabet Mini-Lessons

MORE ON THE WAY! Number , shapes, colors coming soon.

Here are some ideas for teaching the alphabet to your preschooler. Ages 3 or 4. I will try to organize it as if it’s a lesson for them to go by, but you may need to print some things ahead of time. Be aware that the links may go to Youtube and your children should be taught not to click on anything else. It is my opinion that preschoolers should be given loads of time with pretend play, texture play like with play dough or clay, rice, and noodles, Stinging beads, stacking things, and having someone read, read, read to them. Also, teaching them to care for themselves is a good thing for them to learn. Take advantage of your local library, which will probably have a storytime for little ones. Let them check out books. Read aloud. Don’t push. Enjoy them. Expecting too much of them and pushing them can really turn them off to learning. Make time for cuddles. Let them stand on a chair next to you while you bake cookies. Let them wash the plastic sippy cups and measuring cups in soapy water. Let them sort the socks in the laundry. While doing this, count the cookies, the socks…Measure the soapy water…Point out colors and words on signs while in the car. They are not little long enough! I spent a lot of money on homeschooling my oldest for preschool. When my second child was ready, I ordered a set that came once a month. Also, pricey, but I found that it was just a book I could have gotten from the library and simple workbooks. Now, there is so much free stuff online, why spend all that money?! And there is so much to do with your little one that is learning without being pushy. This is a great book that I read when my youngest was preschool age. It calmed me down a lot! Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready.  I also enjoyed reading and learning how to apply Maria Montessori’s methods at home. Here is a link to some of her books. I haven’t read them all, but the ones I have read, I enjoyed and I tried to apply some of her methods to my homeschool.

These lessons are just a bit of learning that could go on with your little ones.You may choose to do a Numbers lesson or Shapes and Colors lesson on a separate day. It just depends on what your little one can handle. Story time can be added at any time. I found it especially helpful to have a story for my little one to listen to while I was working with an older child. So, you might have your child do an Alphabet lesson in the morning and a Storytime in the afternoon. The next day, a Numbers lesson in the morning, and a story in the afternoon, etc. When you come to a worksheet that suggests the child trace a letter/number it is not necessary that they do it at this age. That will come next year. For this age, just let them explore it. Making the letter shape with play dough, drawing in shaving cream, sand, or salt, or beginning to trace straight/wavy/peaked lines are pre-writing skills perfect for this age. This link has some great ideas that I might add to these lessons, and perfectly articulates what I’m trying to say. lol. My youngest absolutely LOVED all the sensory things I could come up with.

Materials needed:
You may want to make sure that your child has some play dough. Here’s the best homemade play dough recipe I have found. Remember to let you child help a little. Let her pour the water in. Let her stir for a minute. Let her put the drop of the scent in. She’ll have a blast. She might make a mess, but it will be a good thing. Promise!
Play dough recipe

– 1 c. flour
– 1/2 c. salt
– 2 tsp. cream of tartar
– 1 c. water
– 1 tsp. food coloring
– 2 tbsp. oil

Combine ingredients in a large saucepan. Stir in water, oil and food coloring. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until a ball forms. Remove from heat, store in an airtight container. I like to add a teaspoon of flavored extract to the dough to make it smell nice.

Some activities may require things like rice, macaroni noodles, tissue paper…
You will need a good printer. Regular paper is fine, although you may want to print flashcards on card stock. Water color paints, finger paints, and washable markers are a fun change when you little one gets tired of coloring, but that is up to you.  ;)I found this nice looking finger paint recipe with complete instructions and pictures over at Milk and Cuddles if you’re brave.

Here are some  flashcards for you to print. I will have them pin up each letter after we learn about it for several lessons. Or you can use them any way you would like.
Here is an alphabet poster that you can print and pin up where you child will see it often. It prints in two parts.

You may want to go to your library and check out Alphabet books. Here are some of our favorites.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 

Dr. Suess’s ABC’s.


Day 1

Listen to the alphabet song.
Alphabet Song
The Letter Aa is the first letter of the alphabet.
You can learn about it here.
Print this picture of the ant. Ant begins with an Aa. Color the ant. Color the A’s. Say, “A says a, a, a like in ant. A says a, a, a!”

Day 2
Sing the ABC song.  
We are learning about the letter A. Here is a  video to watch about the Aa.
Get out your play dough. Print out this worksheet.  Make a play dough letter A on the worksheet letter A. Make it match. Pick one of the pictures from your worksheet to fill in the blank. Say, “A says a, a, a like in___________________. A says a, a, a!”

Day 3

Sing the ABC song.
Say the letters on the train with these children.
Alphabet train
Remember the letter Aa? It is the first letter of the alphabet.
Here’s the sound it makes. Short A sound. Now YOU say the sound. Say “A says a, a, a like in apple. A says a, a, a!”
Print out this  worksheet. Color the letter A first. Color it green. Color the apple red.

 Day 4
Sing the ABC song. ABC song.
Remember the letter A? Here are some A’s to look at. Letter A  pictures.
Learn about the letter A. Watch this video.
 Print out and glue pieces of tissue paper all over the A’s on this worksheet.

Day 5

Sing the ABC song. Abc’s 
Remember the letter A? Watch this video. It will show you that there are two kinds of A’s.
Here’s a worksheet for you. You can try to trace the letter A with a crayon or with you finger. Color the apple.
Here is an A  book for you to make. Print it out and then find pictures of things that begin with A. Cut them out and glue them into your book.
Pin up your letter Aa flashcard. You know what Aa looks like now, don’t you. Great job! Now review with this video

Day 6

Sing the ABC song. ABC’s
The letter Bb is the second letter of the alphabet. Watch this video   to learn about the letter Bb.
Put together this puzzle. What did you see? Did it start with the letter Bb?
Here is a worksheet to print and color. Color the Bb’s your favorite color. Color the ball many different colors.

Day 7

Sing the alphabet song. ABC’s.
Remember the letter Bb that you learned about yesterday? Here’s a silly song to help you remember.  
Learn more about Bb here.
Print out this worksheet. Color the bee and glue rice all over the big letter B.

Day 8

Sing the ABC  song
Remember what the letter B looks like? Here are some pictures of it to help you remember. Letter B pictures.
Print this worksheet. Maybe Mommy has a container filled with buttons. Buttons start with B. Put a button on each spot on the letter b. Color the bees. Say, “B says b, b, b like in bee and buttons. B says b, b, b!”

Day 9

Sing the ABC song.
We have learned about the letter Bb. Here’s a review for you. Watch Kermit.
Print this little B book. Cut out pictures that start with the letter Bb from ad flyers or old catalogs or magazines. Glue your pictures inside. Say, “B says b, b, b like in_________. B says b, b, b!” for each thing that you glue.
Today, you may pin up your letter Bb flashcard. You know what the letter Bb looks like now. Great job!

Day 10

Sing the ABC song.
We have learned two letters very well by now.  We have learned the letter A and the letter B. Point to them on your poster. Today, you get to go on a treasure hunt. Put your letter A flashcard on the carpet. Not go find two things that begin with the letter A. Put them beside your letter A flashcard. Tell Mommy the sound that A makes. Now do the same thing for the letter B.

Day 11

 This video is just a little different than our usual ABC song. Say the letters on the train with these children.

Alphabet train.

Listen and learn about the letter C. It is the third letter of the alphabet.

Learn more about the letter C.

Here is your worksheet for today. Color the C your favorite color. Color the cat like a pet cat that you may have, or that you have seen at a friend’s house.

Day 12

Say the letters on the train.

Remember that yesterday we learned about the letter C. Here are some pictures of the letter C to help you remember. Letter C

What sound does the letter C make? Say, “C says c, c, c like in cat. C says c, c, c!”

Here’s a video about the letter C.

Here’s your worksheet  for today. Color and cut out the little pictures. Glue them around your C. Trace your C with your finger three times, then try it with a marker or crayon. (If your child is not ready to trace, doing it with just his finger is enough for now.)

Day 13

Say the letters on the train.

You have been learning about the letter C. Can you find it on your poster? Go point to it. 🙂

Here is Cookie Monster to tell you what his favorite C word is. Cookie Monster.

Here is a worksheet for today. Color the letter C a nice, bright color. Say, “C says c, c, c like in cookie. C says c, c, c!

Now, Put this worksheet on a cookie sheet. Cover the paper with rice, sand, or salt. Now use you finger to trace the letter hidden underneath.

Day 14

Say the letters on the train.

This is a very fun video about the letter C. (The end of this video is an ad. There’s nothing wrong with it, just know that you can stop the video when this starts.)

Here is your letter C book to make. Find pictures to cut and glue on the inside that begin with C. Say, “C says c, c, c like in_____________” for every picture that you find.

Day 15

Say the letters on the train.

You know what the letter C looks like very well now. Here’s a review.

Get your letter C flashcard from Mommy. Go all over you house and find as many things as you want that begin with the letter C. Show Mommy all the things that you found. Don’t forget to put things back when you are through. Now, you can pin up your C card.

You’ve done a GREAT JOB!

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