Preschool Story Time


Listening is a skill that all preschoolers need to learn. I will try to post only links here to listen to a story. Some stories have pictures, some do not. I am going to try not to post any with video. 😉 Your preschooler may benefit and enjoy using headphones for this. You may want to have him relate the story back to you when he is through listening. With some of these, I have included an activity.

Day 1

Today, you get to listen to a story. It is the story of The Three Little Pigs. You may use headphones, if you have some.
Here is a fun piggy mask for you to print, color, and wear today. Which pig will you pretend to be?

Day 2

Here is a fun story for you to listen to. The story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Here’s some fun masks to print, color, and wear. You only need to pick one to do, but maybe you have brothers, sisters, or parents that would like to make one, too.

Day 3

Listen to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You will have to click on the Very Hungry Caterpiller link just below the screen. The first one that loads is the story of the month, so it changes.
Print out these number puzzles here and here. Cut them out, mix them all up, and then put them together correctly.  This will help you learn to count to five, too. 

Day 4

Listen to The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.
Here are some finger puppets to make and tell the story with.
Finger puppets.

Day 5

 Here is a favorite story to listen to. The story is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  You will have to click on the mouse below the first screen that comes up to play this story, because this site puts up a new story every month and that one is the first one that comes up.
You can choose one activity from here, or Mom can help you do as much of it as she wants to. This is also a wonderful book to try to find from your library. Then you can read it over and over again.

Day 6

Here is a different kind of story. You have to click on the green arrow to turn the page, and on the speaker to hear it read to you. Lilly, the Wild Cat.
Here is a big letter C to print out. Glue cotton balls all over it. Cut out a curvy tail shape from construction paper. Glue it to your C. Now, make eyes for your cat. Maybe Mommy has some googly eyes for you to use. If she doesn’t you cat cut some out of construction paper. C pattern.
This little girl will show you how she did it. Cat example. She made whiskers too! Smart girl!

Day 7

Here is the story of Chicken Little.
Here is a Chicken Little for you to make. You will need a sheet of red construction paper to make your hand prints on, and a Popsicle stick. Chicken Little

Day 8

This story of Jack and the Beanstalk is a bit longer than the others you have listened to. Can you listen to the whole thing? You are getting big!
Here is a coloring page of Jack for your to color. Would you like to color it with markers today?
Tell Mommy what is happening in this picture.
Jack and His Cow.

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